The Sun Bar; Tanning Shop in Douglas, Cork

Welcome to The Sun Bar; Exclusive Tanning Shop, an up scale professional and modern Sunbed Studio located in Douglas, Cork where we promote the benefits and importance of moderate sun exposure.  We offer ultra clean, large and convenient location with the state of the art tanning equipment. We use only the top range megaSun and Ergoline Sunbed Units, the best tanning equipment in the industry. We offer both Lie down and Stand up tanning units to suit your requirements. All of our sunbed units are regularly re tubed to ensure maximum performance at all times.

We also stock a full range of Australian Gold & Devoted Creations Tanning Lotions. Our staff will help you to choose the lotion to suit your skin type and requirements.

We are located in the Heart of Douglas Village in Cork beside John O’Sullivan’s Bar… We provide probably the most pleasurable tanning experience in the world. So when you think about tanning in Cork, think about The Sun Bar; Tanning Shop.


087 091 4990